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Have you ever wondered why you’re NOT seeing the signs, wonders, miracles and getting the breakthrough you’ve always wanted?

In this video I’ll explain one of the main reasons you’re not getting your answers is because of what I call “passive” authority vs “active” authority.

What do I mean? So many people are sitting around waiting on God to do something. Blaming God. Frustrated with God. And in some cases, even angry at him. However, God has already done his part and it is based in what I call “Passive” authority.

Some examples of Passive authority includes things such as: Commands, Decrees, Declarations, Laws, Promises, Covenants, Prophecies, Provisions, Empowerments, Gifts, Anointings, etc. These are all “passive” authority which is written, recorded, decreed and declared and are immutable as the unbreakable word of God.

HOWEVER! Demons, infirmity, sickness, disease, problems, and spiritual warfare do NOT respond to Passive authority and will do everything they can to hinder, resist, and fight back to stop the Passive authority of God from happening!

That is why God’s “Passive” authority MUST and CAN ONLY BE ENFORCED by someone who uses “Active” authority and ENFORCES what God has commanded.

What exactly is Active authority? It is obeying and acting on what God has decreed and declared; standing strong in faith AND obedience and grabbing the hammers, shovels, axes, and trowels – and doing what God commanded in Passive authority!

Active authority obeys in FAITH and DOES what God commanded!
• ROLL the stone away!
• GO WASH in the pool of Siloam!
• TAKE UP thy bed and walk!!
• GO DIP in the Jordan River 7 times.
• CUT the tree down and throw in the water!
• SPEAK to the rock!
• On and on all through the Bible…

If you want to take revitalize your faith and take your walk with God to another level – then stick with me in this video as I explain the difference between passive and active authority and how the promises, provision, healing, breakthrough and miracles are waiting on you to ACTIVATE them in your life!

You’re NOT waiting on God – God’s word is waiting on you!!

God bless,
Theo Heartsill

0:00 – Intro.
0:16 – Defining Passive vs Active authority.
7:12 – Examples – Laws, commands, etc.
10:14 – Specific Biblical Examples.
15:16 – Demons, sickness do NOT respond to Passive authority.
18:41 – First 5 minutes of an attack is most important.
22:15 – Lack of results is failure to turn passive into active.
23:33 – Examples in Jesus’ miracles.
24:50 – When here am I meets I AM.
26:59 – Real life example: Easements.
28:40 – The devil is on your property.
31:32 – More Biblical examples of Activating authority.
34:56 – Applying this to Spiritual Warfare and prayer.
36:02 – Your commandment – Get busy.
38:34 – How to use power and authority.
41:01 – Summary and outro.

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