The Power to Change – Spiritual Milestones 2019 Theo Heartsill

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Have you ever had an encounter with God that changed the way you think, act and feel, only to lose momentum and the sense of what happened within a few days or weeks?

Perhaps you had an incredible time of prayer alone with God, or a great man or woman of God anointed you and gave you an impartation. You felt the hand of God touch you, and you just knew that life would be different from that moment on. You got up from that moment expecting life and everyone around you to be different, only to find out it seemed like nothing changed.

What happened?

More often than not, when you have a “Spiritual Milestone” moment – it’s not life, people and the situation around you that changed…It was a GOD-ENCOUNTER to change YOU!!

I call these “Spiritual Milestone” moments with God where you receive a word, impartation, revelation, mantle, calling, vision or ministry.

However, the devil does NOT want you to walk in the power of this new calling, purpose, and ministry, and he and even your old way of thinking came against you to steal it from you.

Will you let the devil and your situation steal that encounter with God?
Will you let your old way of thinking and living steal that encounter with God?

In this video, I am going to explain the POWER TO CHANGE your life is in the Spiritual Milestone moments of your life. There’s not something out there somewhere on the horizon — you already have them!

These points of testimony or spiritual milestones must be built, guarded, protected, cared-for, and remembered or you will lose them. Keeping them fresh in your life will help you to sail through the troubled seas of life’s storms and make it through every situation in life!!

The power to change your life – lies in your Spiritual Milestones.

God bless,
Theo Heartsill

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