WHEN DOES THE RAPTURE HAPPEN? Ancient Jewish Wedding Traditions and Meanings

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I’ve been extremely burdened and heart-broken over all the misunderstanding I see regarding the Tribulation and rapture:
Is there a pre-trib, mid-trib, or post-trib rapture?
Who is going through the Tribulation and who is being saved in the book of Revelation?

If you love studying about prophecy, the end-times, the book of Revelation, the rapture etc, then this video is going to amaze you.

Will the church have to face the Mark of the beast and the Anti-Christ?
Who is the Ekklesia? Is that important?
How do I properly interpret the book of Revelation?

In this video, I’ll walk us through the ancient Jewish wedding using scripture, to show when the rapture actually takes place because Jesus said he was the Bridegroom and he was building himself an Ekklesia.
Who is the rapture for?
What is the difference in the bride and the guests of the wedding?

The ancient Jewish wedding was composed of 2 different phases with a “waiting stage” in the middle.

The first phase was called the Kiddushin, and it was a meeting where the bride and groom agreed upon and signed a marriage contract called a “ketubah”. This was a legally-binding document and the Bride and the Groom were officially married even though they did not physically consummate the marriage at this time. (Think of Joseph and Mary.)

Then there was an interim time period called the consecration of the bride. The bride and groom were separated during this time, but the bride had to sanctify herself in water baptism (mikvah), and had to keep her oil lamp trimmed and burning bright. (This meant something very important!!)

The 2nd phase of the marriage, called the NISSUIN or CHUPPAH, was when the GROOM actually came to get the BRIDE at an unannounced moment called “the takin of the Bride.”

This 2nd phase of the marriage was a festival that lasted 7 days – HOWEVER – the important part is that WHILE the feast lasted for 7-days outside with all the guests – the BRIDE and GROOM were in the bridal chamber (honeymoon chamber) for the ENTIRE 7-day period!!

The bride and groom did NOT come out before the public as consummated husband-and-wife until the FINAL, CONCLUDING act of the END of the 7-day period which was CALLED THE MARRIAGE SUPPER!! (marriage supper of the lamb)!

Why is this important??

Because one of the main ways of interpreting prophecy is to understand the principle of one day = one year as we see from the children of Israel wandering 40 years for 40 days, Ezekiel laying on his side days for years, and ultimately the prophecies of the Prophet Daniel.

Many people look at Revelation 19 and see that the Marriage Supper has come, and they think that is when the Bride was caught up and the marriage began, but the Bride has already been in the Bridechamber with the Groom there 7 days!!! And for the church, the Bride of Christ – that is 7 years!!

Do you want to know where the Church is during the rapture? In heaven in the Bridechamber with Jesus Christ himself!!

Will the Church have to face the Mark of the Beast and the anti-Christ? Absolutely not because the Bride of Christ is raptured out in the “taking of the bride” to the 7-day marriage festival culminating in the Marriage Supper at the end of the 7th day!!

Biblically, culturally, and historically speaking – there is NO WAY there could possibly be a mid-trib or a post-trib rapture!!

Another thing people misinterpret is passages like Matthew 22 where it says servants were sent to gather those who were invited to the wedding. THIS CANNOT refer to the BRIDE being invited to the wedding – because the BRIDE was already SELECTED, BOUGHT, PAID-FOR, GIVEN GIFTS, WELCOMED into the family DURING the 1st PHASE of the wedding, the Kiddushin!!!

Invitations are sent to GUESTS, NOT the bride!
The people dying in the book of revelation and going to heaven are GUESTS who will be at the MARRIAGE supper of the LAMB – but are NOT part of the actual BRIDE!!!!

I got BIG news for you – IF you MISS the RAPTURE of the BRIDE of CHRIST – YOU WILL GO THROUGH THE TRIBULATION whether you believe in JESUS OR NOT!

Stick with me in this video and you are going to learn a lot of information!!
God bless,