WHEN DOES THE RAPTURE HAPPEN? Ancient Jewish Wedding Traditions and Meanings

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Have you ever wondered if there is a pre-trib, mid-trib, or post-trib rapture? In this video, we’ll examine the Ancient Jewish Wedding because Jesus himself said he was the bridegroom and the church was the bride.

Jesus constantly compared his relationship to the church to the context of the ancient Jewish Wedding, so to properly interpret his teachings – we need to identify and understand what the ancient Jewish wedding was and how it perfectly interprets what Jesus said about prophecy, the end times, and when he’s coming back to get us.

In this video, we will cover things like the following:
• How long was the Jewish wedding and what are some examples?
• What is the prophetic biblical timeline of a day for a year and why is it critical to understanding prophecy?
• What were the 3 stages of the wedding and how are they a mirror of everything Jesus told us about prophecy for the church?
– The selecting of the Bride (Kiddushin).
– The waiting of the Bride.
– The taking of the Bride. (Nissuin/Chuppah)
• When is the Marriage supper in relation to the 7 day marriage feast?
• Who are the people being “invited” to the wedding? Are they guests or the bride?
• Who is the bride of the wedding?
• Who is the ekklesia of Jesus?
• Why did the Bride have to keep a lamp “trimmed and burning bright”?
• What is “catching away”?
• Who is doing the “catching away”
• Where will the church be during the 7 year tribulation?
• What starts the 7 year tribulation?

This is just a sampling of things we will cover. This video will be extremely educational for you, and help you to understand Jesus, the church, the rapture, the tribulation and how and when it all unfolds.

God bless,
See ya in the video!
Theo Heartsill

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Jesus was the Bridegroom, church is the bride
1:08 – Marriage overview
2:44 – Who is the Ekklesia (church) and the wedding
5:51 – Prophetic principle of a day is one year
8:08 – How long and what happened in Ancient Jewish wedding (examples)
14:30 – Wedding week is 7 days, tribulation is 7 years.
15:28 – Brief overview – The Kiddushin and Chuppah.
17:02 – Selection of the Bride
18:42 – Meeting of the marriage
20:20 – Bride Price and examples
21:56 – Signing of the marriage contract (Ketubah)
24:06 – Drinking of the marriage cup
24:46 – Groom gives GIFTS to the bride
28:06 – Bride is welcomed into the family
30:12 – Nobody but father knows the day and hour
30:49 – The waiting stage – consecration of the bride
31:16 – Bride changes her dress and lifestyle and legally married
32:12 – Jesus has a Bride that is his ekklesia (church)
33:03 – Bride washes in Mikvah (baptism)
35:08 – Lamps trimmed and burning bright
40:55 – Catching away of the Bride
44:20 – Wedding ceremony and vows
44:46 – Drinking the marriage cup
45:18 – Bride and Groom IMMEDIATELY enter bridechamber!!
47:59 – The marriage supper
53:25 – Pre trib, mid trib or post trib?
57:48 – Guests to a wedding are not the Bride of the wedding
1:00:36 – Summary and outro

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