The Oneness of God Larry Booker

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Bro. Booker starts this lesson by stating how very important it is that we do more than “touch on” the topic of the oneness of God. This subject matter needs more than to be merely touched on.
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The Jews were those that God revealed himself to, as the One God. The Jews are the official heralders of the monotheistic message in a world of confusion. When they were given the Law by Moses, Deuteronomy, which is a recapitulation of the law that was given to them via Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers.

Deut. 6:4 Hear O Israel the Lord our God is one Lord!
This is the capstone, the key commandment of the
entire Old Testament. All things spring forth from this commandment. All things are centered with this. Without this nothing can hold up, or consist. Without adherence to the command of one God nothing of God can make complete sense.
(this is why they say that the Trinity is a great mystery. You can’t explain it, because it is NON-SENSE)!
There is one God from which emanates all things including how things ought to operate, including his chief creation, mankind. When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was he quoted this edict.

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One of the reasons that Jewish people the world over will not come to the fullness of the revelation of God in Christ Jesus is because they choke on the doctrine of the Trinity. Deut. 6:4 is forever engraved in the minds, hearts and souls of every Hebrew Israelite, as it should be for us.

The curse of Jeconiah: Jeremiah the Prophet placed a curse on the house of Jeconiah. No one from the lineage of Jeconiah would ascend the throne from the house of Jeconiah [9:30]
Joseph is of the bloodline and lineage of Jeconiah. Therefore, Jesus could not be Messiah through the bloodline of Joseph. It is through his mother and of the Holy Ghost that Jesus is able to ascend the throne, as per the scriptures, being of the house of David.

To truly know who Jesus is. To truly know and understand the Father, is a revelation. You cannot know Jesus the man unless the Spirit reveals him to you. Likewise, we cannot truly know the Father unless Jesus reveals him to us. In that regard it is truly a revelation to know either. We don’t choose God he chooses us. “And to whom the son will choose to reveal him”. Jesus is the Father revealing himself to humanity. There was no measure of the Spirit in the man Jesus Christ. He was given the Spirit/Holy Ghost without measure.
The mighty God in Christ. The God of the whole earth shall he be called.
The exclusivity of the identity of Jesus Christ, is the single most important ideology that any man women, or child can conceive while on this earth. In the end, it is the only idea that will have mattered.

As seen on Apostolic Pentecostal:

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