Prayer For Healing and Deliverance – 2019

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Have you struggled with sickness in your body? Health issues like cancer, diabetes, eye disease, bone disease, liver problems, kidney issues, and more? Have you, or someone you know, struggled with or been faced with attacks against the mind and emotions? Have you been plagued by depression, discouragement or heavy burden? Have you felt there is an oppressive weight that been clinging to you or an evil presence following you around? Have you lost your joy?

I invite you to open your heart and follow along with me in this prayer for healing and deliverance. I believe you will feel the power of the Holy Spirit touch you as you soak in this worship experience of prayer and devotion. There is a wonderful musical score, prayers of healing and deliverance, binding and loosing, and declarations of God’s power by the authority of the name of Jesus. Jesus gave us all power and dominion and told us to go into the world and bring change, and this prayer does that.

If you have been desiring that someone would pray over you and declare healing into you over issues such as cancer, diabetes, eye disease, bone disease, liver problems, discouragement or depression – then I encourage you to listen to this video and allow yourself to open up and come into this prayer experience.

I HIGHLY recommend getting somewhere by yourself and cranking the volume up on this thing. Go to your secret place or somewhere you really connect to God and let the Holy Ghost do a mighty work in your body, soul, and spirit.

I also ask you to share this video so that many people can be touched, healed, delivered, and set free. I felt great power, unction, and authority while making this video, and believe that not only will God touch you, but he can even touch those around and those you intercede for.

This prayer would be a great prayer to listen to as it speaks over you every day. Turn it on and let it play in the background as you go about your day. I also placed many scriptures on the screen so you can follow along and soak in God’s word. Whether you listen to this, or watch it – you will be blessed!

Sit back, relax, and let God speak into your circumstances and situation!

God bless,
Love you all,
Theo Heartsill

Here’s a list of the scriptures I used if you want to study them on your own.
Eph 6:10-18
2 Cor 10:3-5
2 Tim 1:7
Luke 10:19
Job 22:28
Psa 34:7
Prov 18:10
Psa 91:4
Zech 4:6
1 Tim 6:12
Mat 18:18-20
Deut 6:4
James 2:19
Phil 2:10-11
Deut 28:7
Psa 2:4
Acts 16:18
Psa 91:1-16
John 10:10
Rom 8:1
John 3:17
Mark 5:34
Mat 10:7-8
Rom 8:31, 34-37
John 19:17
John 19:30
Col 2:14
1 Tim 2:5
Psa 23:4
Heb 13:5
Heb 12:29
2 Sam 22:30
Isa 40:31
Mat 9:29-30
Mark 7:35
Rev 12:11
Mat 11:5
John 5:8
Acts 4:10-11
Isa 61:3
Ps 2:9
Psa 107:16
Isa 59:19
Isa 26:3