How to see more miracles – Theo Heartsill 2019

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Would you like to take your ministry to the next level and see a greater manifestation of signs, wonders, miracles and breakthrough?

Who wouldn’t right?

What if I told you there is a very simple technique you can use to activate your faith and position yourself to walk in God’s divine favor?

If you ever get nervous or scared about praying for people and feel your faith draining away when you starting thinking about – “what if it doesn’t work?!? – Then I’ve got great news for you….

Stick with me in this video and I’ll show you a way to position yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritual in order to receiving greater breakthrough than ever before!!

P.s. I worked hard on the audio and other effects, so you should really enjoy this one!

God bless,
Theo Heartsill 2019

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