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What if I told you there’s a Biblical way to immediately discern whether every thought, voice, feeling, or impression you get throughout the day is from God, you, or the devil?

In this video, we’ll explore a passage from the Apostle James to identify characteristics associated with your flesh, satan, or God and will help to identify whether the thoughts and voices you’re hearing are actually from God or should instead be dismissed.

Regardless of whether you’ve been living for God a long time, or if you’re just starting out – This video is designed to help you learn how to immediately judge evert voice, thought, impulse, feeling or impression you think might be from God. This will help you live free of guilt, shame, and condemnation, and will ultimately help you walk in a full assurance of your relationship with God!

We will look at questions such as:
• Is this thought or voice from God, me or the devil?
• Why should we immediately judge the source of the thought or voice we hear?
• What does satan’s voice sound like? How did he talk to people in the Bible, and how did he talk about people?
• What are some physical and emotional signs of a demonic attack against you and why is it important to recognize it?
• Why is it important to judge NOT only the message you hear, but the “feeling” associated with it as well?
• How can confusion of hearing God affect your relationship with him in a negative way?
• What characteristics can we look at to discern every though, voice, feeling or impression?
• How can learning God’s voice save your church and your relationships?

I believe this video will be a blessing to you.
God bless and I’ll see you in the video!!
Theo Heartsill

0:00 – Intro
1:40 – James 3 – attributes
2:50 – demonic, flesh, Godly attributes
3:09 – important point
4:19 – demonic and fleshly attributes
10:46 – signs of demonic attack
12:40 – confusion
13:22 – immediately judge it
15:10 – What does satan sound like
18:36 – Godly things to look for
19:26 – important point
23:45 – take away
27:02 – outro

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