Recognizing God's voice – God's Voice has Patterns – Theo Heartsill 2019

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Are you confused about hearing God because of all the stories you’ve heard of people who said, “God told me this…” “God told me that.” “God told me to buy this car, move to that city, get up and walk around the block…” and I could go on and on with examples.
You may be frustrated and confused about hearing God because you’re trying to hear him like everyone else says they hear him.

However, what if you’re already hearing the voice of God and don’t realize it because you don’t recognize his voice speaking to you?

What if the people you’re hearing those stories about have just learned to identify and become comfortable with the way that God speaks to them?

In this video, I want to help you learn to recognize and identify the ways that God is speaking to you by drawing an analogy to airplanes. Airplanes have what I call “flight patterns”. They leave at a certain time, fly a certain path, and arrive at the destination carrying their cargo. So it is with the voice of the Lord.

The voice of the Lord is already speaking to you in certain ways, seasons, and patterns in your life!

Solomon didn’t hear God like his father David. He didn’t even try to and yet God spoke to him and turned him into the wisest man that ever lived outside of Jesus Christ himself!

They didn’t talk the same way, live the same lives, enjoy the same things, or even have the same friends.
Their words and vocabulary were different.
Their gifts and talents were different.
Their anointing’s were different.
They ministered unto the Lord different.
Their friends and advisors were different.
The crowds they ran with were different.


In this video, I want to help you identify the ways or patterns that God is speaking to you! Through your job, the things you love, the things you’re passionate about, what you care about and who you hang out with!

Stick with me, and I’m sure you’ll be blessed!

God bless,
Theo Heartsill 2019

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