You Just Never Know by Rev. Larry Booker

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“He must needs go through Samaria.” John 4:4 The King James Version says “to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit.” WORD here is the Greek word Logos. It means “word, speech, matter or a revelation.” A Word of Knowledge is a revelation of Knowledge, or a fragment of Knowledge. The women at the well received a word of knowledge which opened her up to the gospel. What is the word of knowledge? The Word of Knowledge is simply the Holy Spirit transmitting His specific knowledge to you on something that you would have no ability or means to be able to know about with your own limited intelligence and knowledge levels. It is supernatural knowledge and insight being given directly to you by the Holy Spirit Himself, not by your own mind or your own intelligence levels. Examples of a Word of Knowledge
From Scripture
(a) To warn a king of an enemy’s plan of destruction (2 Kings 6, 9-12).
(b) To enlighten and encourage a discouraged servant of the Lord (1 Kings 19, 14-18).
(c) To expose a hypocrite (2 Kings 5, 20-27).
(d) To convince a sinner of the need of a Saviour (John 4, 18,19,29.)
(e) To discover a man in hiding (1 Samuel 10, 22).
(f) To indicate a man in need (Acts 9, 11).
(g) To reveal corruption in the Church (Acts 5, 3).
(h) To indicate a suitable place for a meeting of God’s people (Mark 14, 13-15).
(i) To know men’s thoughts (John 2, 24; 1 Samuel 9,19)
Final Conclusions on the word of knowledge
(1) The revelation the Word of Knowledge brings is never future.
(2) Distance makes no difference to its operation.
(3) Age, education, nationality make no difference to its reception.
(4) Through its agency the whole realm of facts is at the disposal of the believer as the Spirit wills.
(5) Through its beneficent agency the Church
· may be purified,
· the distressed comforted,
· the saint gladdened,
· lost property rediscovered,
· the enemy defeated and
· the Lord Jesus glorified in all.

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