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Wholly Holy: The Vital Role of Visible Devotion

Godly women are becoming ever more tempted to conform to the world and to be just like the world. It seems that some people, and even some churches, believe that the more worldly they look (or act) the more influence they will have upon society. But in reality, it doesn't work that way. You see, those who are sincerely interested and searching for truth are not attracted to or intrigued by worldly Christianity. They are longing for something different than what they are immersed in day after day. They need to see a visible difference in the real thing. They need to see a difference in you. You see, in reality, a godly woman is a citizen of a much higher kingdom than you will ever find anywhere on earth. Therefore she has a much higher calling than to be just like everyone else. She is disciplined in a higher curriculum than that of this common world. She has her own King to please, and is founded in a much purer philosophy than that of common humanity. You see, godly women have acquired a most noble cause: To be brilliantly ablaze as "precious stones" in the sight of God…and man. This book is a highly enjoyable yet vastly informative and enlightening resource for revealing that vital role of visible devotion. Using Scripture as its primary source of data and a pleasing array of insightful stories and anecdotes, this book divinely assists sincere women of God in how to wholly, biblically fulfill their God-given commission to sparkle in the eyes of the world and God.