When Dress Codes Conflict with Apostolic Beliefs | Episode 71

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This summer, a school district in north Texas elicited backlash when it implemented a new dress code for students that prohibited dresses and skirts. This is not the first time school or workplace dress codes have conflicted with Apostolic Pentecostal teachings and values, however. What should Apostolic believers do when school administrators or employers mandate attire that is immodest or does not reflect gender distinctions?

Dr. David K. Bernard explains Apostolic teachings on modesty and gender distinction and what believers can do both personally and legally when those beliefs come under fire.

For a further explanation of scriptural teachings on modesty and gender distinction, see Dr. Bernard’s books “In Search of Holiness” (https://bit.ly/3Q7weqg) and “Practical Holiness: A Second Look” (https://bit.ly/3QdXinE). Both titles are available at PentecostalPublishing.com.

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