WHEN DO YOU GET THE HOLY SPIRIT? What is the Sign of the Holy Spirit?

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When does a person actually receive the Holy Spirit? Is it when they believe on Jesus? Pray a sinner’s prayer of repentance? Ask Jesus to come into their heart? Confess Jesus as their savior?

How can a person know they’ve actually received the Holy Spirit?
Is speaking in tongues the biblical sign that a person has received the Holy Spirit? Or is it goose-bumps, a warm-fuzzy feeling, and feeling like something changed?

A few questions:
• IF a person receives the Holy Spirit when they “believe”, then why did Jesus command his mother, brothers, and the disciples to go GET for the Holy Spirit?
o (hint: if they HAD it already – then they would NOT need to go GET it)
• IF you get the Spirit at “belief” – THEN why did DIDN’T Paul have the Holy Spirit before Ananias prayed for him?
• IF you get the Spirit at BAPTISM – then why didn’t the Samaritans in Acts 8 have the Holy Spirit?
o (hint: IF they had it before – they would NOT have called for Peter and John to come pray that they could get it!)
• IF the Spirit comes at REPENTANCE – then why DIDN’T Paul have the Spirit after 3 days of repenting with fasting and prayer?
• IF the Spirit came by Jesus “breathing” on someone (the disciples) – then why did he command them to go GET the Spirit (promise)?
• IF knowing and believing in Jesus gives the Holy Spirit – then why did Jesus command his OWN MOTHER Mary to go GET the Holy Spirit?
• Is there a difference between the “infilling” of the Spirit and the “baptism” of the Spirit?
• Jesus said if he did NOT go way – the Spirit could NOT come – so WHEN did the Spirit actually come?
• When was Jesus actually “glorified” so that the Spirit could come?

We’ll look at this and so much more – I believe this video will be a wonderful blessing to you – and I hope you learn a lot!

God bless and I’ll see ya in the video!
Theo Heartsill

You can check out my website if you’d like at www.theoheartsill.com

0:00 – Intro
1:46 – Wait for the promise
4:43 – Commanded to wait for the promise
7:15 – AFTER the Holy Spirit comes upon you
9:03 – Jesus must leave, or the Holy Spirit cannot come
10:38 – Mistaking “feeling” God for his indwelling.
11:37 – The Spirit used to be ON people, NOT IN them
14:35 – Jesus “breathed” on the disciples
17:10 – When was Jesus “glorified” so the Holy Spirit could come?
19:55 – How do you KNOW you have the Holy Spirit?
23:05 – Don’t go to the Epistles for salvation if you haven’t been through Acts
24:14 – What is the sign of the “indwelling” Holy Spirit?
25:36 – Acts 2.37-39
27:27 – What is “shall receive” in the Greek?
30:14 – Jesus MUST leave – or the Spirit CANNOT come!
31:16 – They did NOT “receive” the Spirit when Jesus “breathed” on them.
31:41 – Did Paul have the Holy Spirit after he “believed” in Jesus?
35:20 – Paul is baptized in Jesus name
36:03 – Is the “baptism” of the Spirit the same as the “indwelling”
37:42 – Must be born of water and spirit John 3.3-5
38:52 – You can’t automatically get the Holy Spirit if you have to ASK for it!
39:41 – Believers should speak in tongues.
40:10 – You do NOT get the Spirit just because you believe and are baptized
43:13 – They are baptized in Jesus name
44:11 – Believing alone does NOT give you the Holy Spirit
46:01 – The Baptist believers are re-baptized into Jesus name
47:17 – The Baptist believers receive the Spirit speaking in tongues
47:57 – The Gentiles receive the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues
52:12 – The Gentiles are baptized in Jesus name
55:18 – Acts 2 fulfills John 3 – born of water and spirit
55:35 – Outro

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