What You Meant For Evil God Meant For Good – 2019 Theo Heartsill

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Have you struggled to let go of the pain, turmoil and hurt from your past? Have you struggled with negative emotions like shame, guilt, remorse, bitterness, revenge, and retaliation?

I’m sure we all have, but I’ve got great news – We can look at the Bible and find understanding from the life of Joseph and how he realized there are 2 truths that run parallel in life, and accepting BOTH of them gives you the KEYS to breakthrough! 1. Bad things can and will happen, but (2) God can and will turn all things together for good! (Gen 50:20)

You may be suppressing and trying to forget all the terrible things that have happened to you. Hurt, betrayal, grief, being manipulated, lied on etc.

Perhaps you don’t even allow yourself to think about those things and pretend they aren’t affecting you.

Perhaps you’ve even tried to convince yourself those things aren’t an issue anymore, and yet, at random times and in frustrated moments, you lose your temper, get angry, withdraw and go into isolation and loneliness. These sporadic “flare-ups” lead to self-destructive behaviors and can ultimately steal the joy God so desperately wants you to have!

What’s going on? It could be that you have not actually accepted and faced the things that hurt you, and while you think you’ve “gotten over it”, that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Those issues may be buried, but they’re still alive and well because you haven’t faced them and accepted the 2 truths to inner peace and healing.

Stick with me and we’ll see how to face the 2 truths of Joseph!

Theo Heartsill 2019