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Do you have trouble understanding or explaining the oneness of God and whether there is a trinity or not?

John said “in the beginning was the WORD (Logos) and the WORD (Logos) was WITH God, and the WORD (Logos) WAS GOD.

What exactly does that mean – the “word” “WAS” God?

“Word” in this passage is the Greek word “Logos” which has a much deeper meaning than most people realize, and it leaves them not understanding the full depth of what God was actually trying to say.

In this video, we’re going to dig into the Greek word “logos” to see the beauty and depth of what God is actually telling us. I have a specific way that I study scripture when I’m trying to figure something out and I’ll show you that method in this video. I also believe by the time we’re done with this study, you’re going to receive an incredible revelation of who Jesus actually is and what it means when the Bible says the “logos” WAS GOD.

Some things we’ll cover for example:
• Is Jesus actually God himself manifested in a human body, or is he part of a trinity?
• Did Jesus pre-exist before the worlds were created, or was he created afterwards?
• Is Jesus, human, divinity, or both?
• What does it mean that GOD was manifested in flesh and dwelt among us?
• Why did the religious leaders pick up stones to stone Jesus for blasphemy when he said “before Abraham was, I AM”?
• Why did Jesus say – “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the father”?
• When the scriptures say “all things were created by him (Jesus)” – Does that mean Jesus himself created the sun, moon, stars, Lucifer and even Adam and Eve?
• What did it mean that a child would be born and a son given? Who specifically was that and why was that important?
• Why did the bible say Jesus would be called “Emmanuel” meaning GOD WITH US.

We’ve got a lot to cover in this video and I think you’re going to find it really exciting!

God bless, and cya in the video!
Theo Heartsill

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