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What did the Apostle Paul mean in Romans 7 when he said being married to the Law and Jesus at the same time was adultery?

In this video we’ll explore the following:
• What did Paul mean that it was adultery to be married to the Law and Jesus at the same time?
• What is a practical example of Paul’s analogy?
• Was Paul talking about the Law of Moses or the 10 commandments?
• Were the 10 commandments and Law of Moses abolished or done away with?
• Are you “married” to Jesus Christ right now if you are a Christian?
• How do you “die” to the law as a Christian?
• What does it mean we have been “delivered” from the law?
• What does it mean the law will not have “dominion” over you if you are in Jesus Christ?
• How does water baptism tie into being dead to the law and being married to Jesus?
• What does it mean Christ is the “end” of the Law to everyone that believeth?
• Can a person be justified by the Law?
• What does the scripture mean that there is no more repentance for someone who turns away from Jesus?

We’re going to cover a lot of things in video and I believe you’ll learn a lot.

God bless,
Theo Heartsill

0:00 – Intro
2:14 – Paul’s analogy of spiritual adultery
3:30 – Illustration
8:57 – Married to Jesus, not law
11:34 – Getting into the Greek
18:32 – Which law is it?
22:48 – you died to the law
23:45 – How do you die to the law?
25:15 – Circumcision in water baptism
26:53 – Not baptized, you are under law
27:34 – Law is bondage
30:26 – Jesus is the end of the law
32:18 – Impossible to renew those who turned away
34:29 – No condemnation for those in Jesus
36:05 – Summary

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