WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO REBUKE – How to rebuke sickness, disease, and devils

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What does it mean to rebuke according to the Bible? Do we have the right to stand in our authority and rebuke devils, demons sickness and even the weather?

We see cases where Jesus exercised his authority and did so. If we have the right and ability, then how do we do it and what is involved?

In this video, we’ll dig into the Greek to examine the word rebuke, what it means Biblically, and look at examples from the life of Jesus and Paul to see what a rebuke is composed of and how to do it.

I think this video will very instructional and a blessing to you.
God bless, see ya in the video.
Theo Heartsill

0:00 – Intro
1:34 – Rebuking an unclean spirit, define rebuke
5:26 – Rebuking fever
6:04 – The authority principle
9:18 – Back to rebuking sickness
16:36 – Rebuking demons and devils
18:51 – Rebuking the devil, wind and waves
20:44 – Putting in context
22:10 – Rebuking a deaf and dumb spirit
25:11 – Greek word “charge”
28:32 – Your authority and commission
30:11 – Apostle Paul rebuking a demon
33:49 – Prayer examples and outro