Unlock your prayers using REAL prayer

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How would you like to increase the power of your prayers and deepen your relationship with God?

In this video, we’ll explore a shocking truth regarding the way we pray, why we don’t get answered prayers, and why our relationship with God feels dry and lifeless.

We’ll also answer questions like the following:
• Are there types of prayers, and ways of praying that are not even heard by God, although I’m praying?
• How can I make my prayers more engaged and powerful?
• How can I increase the effectiveness of my prayers to get more answers?
• How do I know if I’m actually praying or just talking out loud?
• What is a model (acronym) that we can use to turn out prayers into a powerful engagement with God, and to set our prayer life on fire?
• Does care about me and want to answer my prayers?
• How can we stop our prayers from becoming boring, dry and empty?

I believe this video will be a blessing to you!
Thank you,
Theo Heartsill

0:00 – Intro
1:27 – A bible story of prayer
5:00 – REAL prayer
7:47 – R – Recognize
13:10 – E – Engage
20:51 – A – Attention
23:42 – L – Listen
27:14 – Do NOT picture an human image
29:42 – Praying and Singing UNTO GOD
32:00 – Summary

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