Unleash The Intercessors by Josh Herring

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Stories of various people who unleashed the power of intercessory prayer and supplication, and availed much with God. For example, when Billy Cole went to evangelize India, his wife laid down prostrate six days and intercede for him in India whereas over 65,000 were moved upon by the Holy Spirit, and many became baptized in the name of Jesus. Josh Herring was praying for the country of Poland feeling moved by the Holy Spirit to pray over those who were declaring the gospel in that European country. Even as an evangelist and his wife who were there had just about given up on their mission, suddenly received Holy Spirit instruction and power to stay there. Their daughter was in the audience that day, and told that her parents obtained help in their time of need at the exact time that Josh prayed for them. Because of fervent supplication and prayers there’s stories about ISIS having their plans foiled, along Iran giving up a pastor who was arrested for being a Christian because an unknown official had him released. Josh also testifies of many miracles that transpired directly because of supplications made by regular ordinary believers who took time out to plead the cause of their family, friends or relatives. You to can make the difference in the lives of others if you will cry to God on their behalf.