The Good Times by Murrell Ewing

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1. Cleft in The Rock 4:09
2. The Good Times 3:40
3. It’ll Be Different 2:39
4. New House 4:22
5. The Potter’s Field 4:16
6. That’s How He Found Me 3:35
7. Those Were The Days 4:00
8.Contrast 5:40
9. Write It All Down 2:59
10. It’s A Long Way To Heaven 3:10
Pastor Ewing, in addition to being an outstanding minister and
speaker, was equally well-known for his singing. An
outstanding soloist, he was also a founding member of the
Conquerors Quartet – a group that traveled and sang southern
quartet gospel across the south. For decades, many of his
sermons were transformed to music and lyrics by his wife, Joan,
and shared in services and concert venues across America and
around the world. His performance of “He Saw Me” on a Bill
Gaither Homecoming project continues to be one of the most
popular Murrell Ewing clips viewed on YouTube. Joan and Murrell Ewing were awarded the Pentecostal Music Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of their immeasurable contribution to Pentecostal music. In addition to his local church involvement and his personal ministry in preaching and singing worldwide, Murrell Ewing was highly involved in the work of the Louisiana District of the United Pentecostal Church as well as in national capacities. He served as Louisiana District Youth President, was a member of the Louisiana District Board, and for many years served as the Youth Camp Principal at the District’s youth camps in Tioga. On a national level, he served on the music committee and participated in the development of the Sing Unto The Lord hymnal. He served for many years as consultants and participants in national programming for both home and foreign missions.