Sis. Freeman – Update from rehab

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We took this video right before Ouma went to sleep for the night. When Sandra, Joanie and I arrived in her room, she confessed that she has been able to get REAL SLEEP and rest. Some of you may not know that Sis. Freeman does not rest well. Some nights she will lay awake and pray all night long – pray for anyone Jesus lays on her heart or just rejoice in the love of Jesus. Ouma was excited to share with us that this long period of her being unable to sleep appears to be over.
As of 1/19/09, she is in rehab and doing very well with her physical therapy. She said that today, she put in over 4 hours of hard work but at the end of it she felt so good!! She made a few phone calls to family and friends – you could hear strength in her voice.

Ouma is trusting Jesus and is quite the example of trusting Jesus in ALL things.