Shouting on the Hills by Vesta Mangun

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1.Shoutin’ on the Hills01:53
2.The Eastern Gate02:55
3.We Shall Rise01:56
4.The Healer03:41
5.No, Not One02:47
6.My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me01:55
7.Heaven’s Jubilee02:07
8.The Whispers Sweet Peace To Me02:34
9.The Love of God02:51
10.The Keys to the Kingdom03:30
11.Leave It There02:50
12.Humble ThyselfVesta Mangun travels frequently to speak at
conferences all over North America and
occasionally on overseas mission trips. She is a
world-renowned conference speaker, an astute
Bible teacher, an accomplished singer with best-
selling records, and the author of several books
and pamphlets.