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Should Christian born-again believers keep the Jewish feasts from the Old Testament Law of Moses?

In this video we’ll cover many questions such as the following:
• What are the 7 biblical feast days?
• Who were the feast days given to? The Jews or the Gentiles?
• Did God consider the 7th-day sabbath a feast day?
• What is a holy convocation?
• Are the feast days binding on all people for all time?
• When did the New Testament actually start? When Jesus was born or when he died on the cross?
• Why is it critical to understand the death of a testator and their testament?
• Was Jesus keeping the law including the feast days because it was required of him?
• What was the ruling of the Jerusalem council regarding Christian Gentiles and the Feast days?
• What did the Apostle Paul say for Christians regarding the Feast days?
• What is the meaning of “Christ is the end of the Law” to him that believeth?
• What did Paul mean that observing days was bondage?
• Do Christians have the liberty to observe feast days if they want to?

I think you will really enjoy this video as we will cover many things you’ve probably wondered about.

God bless
Theo Heartsill

0:00 – Intro
1:11 – Feast days including the 7th day sabbath
5:34 – What are the 7 Feasts?
6:40 – Did Gentiles keep OT feasts?
12:46 – Testaments do not go into effect until death of testator
15:20 – The Jerusalem council for Gentiles
20:18 – God said the feasts and sabbaths would stop
20:40 – You are tempting God by keeping feast days
22:37 – Don’t be entangled with yoke of bondage
23:13 – Judging holydays, new moons, sabbaths
26:02 – What do Gentiles do?
27:02 – Subverting Gentile souls
28:18 – Christ is the end of the Law
29:33 – If righteousness is by law – Christ died for nothing
31:44 Esteeming days
33:32 – Takeaway

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