She Can Change Her Mind-Indiana ladies conference 22

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This is a clip of Shara McKee from Friday night of Indiana ladies conference 2022.
We can ?physically change our mind by changing thought patterns,?? prayer and proper physiological care.
To get your vitamin levels checked, download the MyQuest app and order? some tests.
Often times depression is triggered by health conditions and vitamin deficiencies, of course trauma and genetic predisposition do occur but the majority of depressive symptoms can be resolved through thought training, talk therapy and vitamin? supplements or infusions. Stop blaming the devil and yourself for what is a physical and thought management?? issue. You’re not possessed.
The brain is the most complex organ in the body and it can get sick. I’ll be ashamed, get help. The body has to become a safe place for us to express that something is not right and we need help without being ashamed or stigmatized. And you have to be willing to participate in the unpleasant discipline of reprogramming your brain to? speak and choose life.
Address all three. Physical, spiritual, mental.
Never ever leave one out.?

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