#Selfie – Part 2 – Pastor Raymond Woodward

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Part 2 of #Selfie with Pastor Raymond Woodward. August 29th, 2018.


1. Turn off all nonessential push notifications.

2. Delete expired, nonessential, and time-wasting apps.

3. At night, keep your phone out of the bedroom.

4. Use a real alarm clock, not your phone alarm, to keep the phone out of your hands in the morning.

5. Guard your morning disciplines and evening sleep patterns by using phone settings to mute notifications.

6. Use self-restricting apps to help limit your smartphone functions and the amount of time you are online.

7. Recognize that much of what you respond to quickly can wait. Respond at a later, more convenient time.

8. Even if you do need to read emails on your smartphone, use strategic points during the day to respond using a computer. Don’t try to be “always on.”

9. Invite your spouse, your friends, and your family members to offer feedback on your phone habits.

10. When eating with your family members or friends, leave your phone out of sight.

11. When spending time with family members or friends, or when you are at church, leave your phone in your car, or simply power it off.

12. Digitally detox your life periodically in order to recalibrate your ultimate priorities. Take a digital Sabbath (one day offline each week).