Rejection in the Life of King David – Theo Heartsill 2019

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Perhaps you’ve wrestled with rejection in your life.

Perhaps you feel frustrated, bitter and angry at the way things have turned out. If you’ve wrestled with the way your parents, family and friends treated you, talked to you or acted toward you – Then you’re not alone.

Perhaps you wish you could go back and have a different life. A different childhood. A different family. A different everything.

Maybe you have scars and wounds that no one else can see.
Maybe you have hurts and pain that no one else can feel.
Maybe you have memories you wish you could forget.

You feel like nobody loves you.
Nobody cares about you.
Nobody understands you.
Nobody knows how you really feel on the inside.

Perhaps you wonder if you’ll ever find true acceptance and love.

In this audio sermon, I go into “story” mode and walk you through the life of David to see how he overcame rejection, tragedy, and betrayal when all seemed lost.

Do you want to discover secret to how King David changed his focus and began a healing journey to overcome rejection?

Stick with me through this video and I’m sure you’ll be blessed!!

Love ya’ll
God bless,
Theo Heartsill 2019

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