Questions and Answers by Billy Cole

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Billy Cole was one of the greatest men of God to live on this earth from the time of the Book of Acts until now. He was a chosen vessel of God, filled with faith, and mightily anointed. God used him to do amazing miracles. More people received the baptism of Holy Ghost under Billy Cole’s ministry than any other preacher or minister in the entire history of the Church.

Rev. William H. “Billy” Cole (1934~2009) He was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ at 7 years of age and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the age of 12 at the Buckeye Lake Camp in Ohio. Nathaniel Urshan was the evangelist and S.G. Norris was the daytime teacher. He sent to Thailand as missionaries. in seven years they baptized nearly 6,000 Buddhists and witnessed a mighty outpouring of the Holy Ghost. One of their first converts, Reverend Chalyong Wattanchant, has been superintendent of the Thailand churches for more than 35 years.