“Our God Is Awesome” from Shara McKee’s CD “Testimony”

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Our God is Awesome- written by Shannon Roberts
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Produced by: David Huff

Recorded at: Huff Recording Studio in Good Hope, Ga www.davidhuff.com

Engineered by: Tate Huff and David Huff

Mixed by: David Huff

Mastered by Tate Huff at Giant Mastering
Jeremy Haynes -Drums
Jeremy Taylor- Bass
Keys & Aux- Ambrose Torres
Organ- Aaron Curtis
Guitar: David Huff
Vocal Arrangements: Lauren Strawn
Strings Tre’ Corley for Oak Tree Productions

Verse 1

Spoke the stars and the wind and the sea into motion

Made the birds and the trees and things we’ve never seen

Thought of storms and lightening and the mightiest of beasts

He made it all, He made it all


Oh our God is awesome He is awesome

Oh our God is awesome He is awesome

Yes He is, Yes He is

Verse 2

He knows my name, hears my prayers carries all my pain on His shoulders

Wrote the story of redemption and of everlasting love

And with all power He arose

conquered death and He purchased our freedom

He gave it all, He gave it all


To the one who gave up everything

with one voice redeemed we sing

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

With one voice we lift our hands

For His love it never ends

Hallelujah, Hallelujah