One Journey to IBC LIVE: Abigail's Story

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Every year, hundreds of choir members, musicians, soloists, music directors, audio mixers, media coordinators, photographers, lighting designers, and more have their hand in what we call IBC LIVE. This year, under the direction of Dr. Lindel Anderson, #IBCLIVE2020 happens January 31st, 2020.

While many hands participate in the event, contributing hundreds of hours of work, there is something unique about viewing IBC LIVE through the story of one. The one in this video is Abigail Haworth. Abigail is from Ocala, Florida and has been a member of PRAISE for the past two years and was a member of IBC small group, Chosen her Freshman year. She is fun, dynamic, and sincere. In this video, we invite you to see the journey leading up to IBC LIVE 2020 through one person’s story, Abigail’s.