Jesus Name Baptism Questions – Theo Heartsill 2019

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The highly requested and much anticipated sequel to my video “Jesus Name Baptism vs The Sinner’s Prayer” is here!!

I made this video to answer 7 questions or topics regarding comments or points I made in that video. You can watch this video as a stand-alone video, or put in context by watching the other video first. Either way, I know you’ll be blessed!

For your convenience – Below are the 7 questions addressed in this video below and their time stamp so you can go right to it if you are interested in just one particular question.

1. What about friends and family who have died WITHOUT Jesus Name Baptism? (Min 1:00).
2. Is the name of Jesus IMPLIED when I say Father, Son, and Holy Ghost? (Min 12:47).
3. Do I have to get baptized first, or get the Holy Ghost first? (Min 16:54).
4. Am I NOT forgiven, and my sins NOT washed away if I’m NOT baptized in Jesus name? (Min 22:48).
5. What did you mean when you said for a person to baptize themselves? (Min 24:41).
6. Do I have to say your vow, or some special prayer while being baptized? (Min 30:12).
7. What about the thief on the cross? Jesus said he would be in Paradise that very day! (Min 35:19).

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Love ya’ll – see ya in the video!!

God bless,
Theo Heartsill 2019

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