Is the UPCI a Cult? Bernard Debates Morey

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This is a must listen to debate! David Bernard not only did an excellent job at defending the UPCI but he did and outstanding job in defending pentecostalism as a whole. God Bless you David Bernard. This is from Mr. Bernard himself. Bernard & Hall vs. Havaich & Morey Debate Explanation. “In 1989, a religious television show called Exposing the Lies aired an interview with a former minister of the United Pentecostal Church International who sought to discredit the church. When the host learned that this minister had himself been discredited because of actions both before and after he left the UPCI, he invited UPCI representatives to participate in a debate over the doctrinal views of the church. The general superintendent of the UPCI asked J. L. Hall and me to represent the church. Ed Havaich and Robert Morey were chosen to represent trinitarian Christianity.
J. L. Hall and I agreed to participate on two conditions: (1) The two sides would evaluate each other’s views by Scripture and would not speak of each other with prejudicial labels such as a cult (2) The debate would not be edited but would be aired in its entirety. In May 1989, the four of us participated in four debate sessions that were filmed at CTV studio in Wall, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Three of the sessions were broadcast in June 1989, but the fourth one never was, apparently because the trinitarian host was not satisfied with the outcome.
Some years later, I learned that Robert Morey was selling an edited audio version of the debate without permission. The packaging identified me as part of a cult, using my name, picture, and an incorrect version of my biography, and the first tape contained misleading statements about me and my views. The contributions of J. L. Hall and Ed Havaich were deleted, leading me to wonder if some of my statements had been deleted as well. Since this product violated the two conditions of the debate, and since it used copyrighted material without permission for the financial benefit of Morey’s ministry, I wrote a letter asking that he correct the problems and pay me royalties from his profits. He never replied. However, I learned that he or his employees made statements that I was prohibiting the sale because I lost the debate. Therefore, I asked a lawyer to write another letter to reiterate my position and to ask him not to make this erroneous statement. Again, I received no reply. Since the product was removed from sale, I did not pursue the matter further.
On April 30, 2008, Robert Morey appeared on the Frances Swaggart radio program, where he again stated that because I lost the debate I had blocked its distribution. I thereupon emailed him to set the record straight once again and to propose that the full, unedited debate be distributed with no prejudicial packaging. He replied that it was no longer necessary to make the debate available. I have posted the original debate in its entirety so that interested listeners can evaluate it for themselves.”