IS BAPTISM NECESSARY FOR SALVATION – How do I get forgiveness? Repentance vs Remission of sins.

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This may be the most important video you ever watch concerning water baptism.
Jesus said in Matthew 7.21-23, that there would be MANY people stand before him in heaven saying they had prophesied in his name, cast out devils in his name, and done mighty works in his name – yet he will tell them – “…I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

How come these people KNEW the name of Jesus, BELIEVED in Jesus, had FAITH in Jesus, and even USED the name of Jesus -but Jesus himself said these people were still in their iniquity (sins) on the judgment day and were going to hell, not heaven!?!

SO YOU MUST ASK YOURSELF – How can someone believe in Jesus, have faith in Jesus and use Jesus’ name in signs, wonders, and miracles – and yet still have their sins (iniquity) attached to them and Jesus doesn’t even know who they are and they can’t go to heaven?!?

This shows us beyond a shadow of doubt – that people can BELIEVE, have FAITH, OPERATE in signs, wonders, miracles, and even be USED of GOD AND NOT BE SAVED! WORST yet – they don’t even find out until the judgment day they are going to HELL when all the time they thought they were going to HEAVEN!!

Also – when you come to God for the first time – when are your sins (iniquity) actually forgiven? Are your sins forgiven when you REPENT or when you’re WATER BAPTIZED in JESUS name?

In this video, I’m going to show you in the Greek what the words REPENTANCE and REMISSION actually mean and that will show us WHEN and HOW your sins are actually biblically and legally forgiven!

I’ll also look at the life of the Apostle Paul himself and show you that the Apostle Paul did not have his sins “washed away” when he had a face-to-face encounter with Jesus, “believed” on Jesus, fasted, prayed and repented!

Because REMISSION in the Greek means FORGIVENESS and “release from” and biblically speaking, the initial forgiveness of the legal account of sins (iniquity) that are against you – are washed away in Jesus name water baptism when you are “buried” with Christ in water baptism (Rom 6.3-5; 7.16; Col.2.10-14)!!

In this video, we’ll examine:
• What do the words “iniquity” “remission” and “repentance” mean in the Greek and why is that important?
• Are you initially forgiven of your sins when you repent – or – when you’re water baptized?
• What does the Greek word “for” mean? Does it mean because you were already forgiven (past-tense) or you have not yet been forgiven (future-tense)?
• What did Jesus and Ananias tell Paul that “he must do”?
• Was Paul forgiven when he talked to Jesus, believed in Jesus, repented and fasted or when he got water baptized in Jesus name?
• What’s the difference in relational forgiveness and legal forgiveness?
• If remission of sins is in Jesus’ blood – how do you actually get the blood of Jesus ON you?
• What is the purpose of water baptism?
• What are the “handwriting of ordinances”?

Like I said, this may be one of the most spiritually-important videos you will ever watch! God bless and cya in the video!


0:00 – intro
1:36 – Mat 7.21-23, signs, wonders, miracles does not mean you are saved
5:44 – word “Iniquity” G458
7:18 – Acts 2.38 repentance vs remission
7:38 – Baptized “baptizo” G907
8:06 – Name “onoma” G3686, the name of one specific individual
8:44 – Repent “metanoeo” G3340
10:01 – Remission “aphesis” G859
11:04 – For “eis” G1519
15:39 – Relational vs legal forgiveness
15:53 – Call upon “epikaleomai” G1941
18:10 – Other translations
23:05 – Paul – what you MUST do
25:36 – Paul baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost
26:40 – Paul was baptized in Jesus name to WASH AWAY (remit) his sins
30:37 – Difference between repentance and forgiveness
35:32 – Remission of sins because of the blood
36:29 – How do you get Jesus’ blood on you?
37:06 – No condemnation to those IN Christ Jesus, Rom 8
37:47 – Baptized INTO CHRIST, Gal 3
38:36 – Died to the Law (iniquity) in baptism, Rom 6 and 7
39:52 – Buried with Jesus in Baptism
41:41 – New creature IN CHRIST, 2 Cor 5
42:06 – Buried with Jesus removes the sin (iniquity), Col 2
45:51 – Summary
53:49 – Outro

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