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How will God judge the Gentile people of the world who never heard the Gospel or the Law? What universal code does every person have that is the silent witness testifying for or against them?

In this video, we’ll cover questions such as:

• Did Paul teach that EVERY PERSON in the world is under the law such as the 10 commandments?
• What did Paul mean when he said the law stopped EVERY mouth and the whole world was guilty before God?
• Can the Law justify a person, whether Jew or Gentile?
• Was Paul talking about the Ten Commandments or the Law of Moses when he spoke of the world being guilty before God?
• Do people have sufficient knowledge to know there’s a God?
• Does having a good heart mean you go to heaven?
• Does your good works mean you go to heaven?
• What does it mean that some Gentiles had the law written in their heart?
• What does it mean when the Bible said the Jews “restest” in the law and why is that important?
• Were Adam, Eve, and other Gentiles under the law?
• Can a person be guilty of a law that doesn’t exist?
• Why did Paul not want to hurt someone else’s conscience?
• Why do we need to understand the dangers of a seared or reprobate conscience.

I believe this video will be a blessing to you and help clarify many things.
God bless,

0:00 – intro
1:20 – Jews, Gentiles and the Church
2:36 – The Jews and Gentiles
4:18 – Was the law for every single person?
10:50 – There is none righteous whether law or no law
12:15 – How is everyone a sinner?
12:42 – No person is saved by the law
13:53 – How will God judge those who never heard?
16:56 – The unknown God is shown around you
19:00 – Nature shows you there is a God.
19:23 – God used to overlook ignorance
20:06 – Judged by law or no law
21:42 – Who are the Jews and Gentiles
22:33 – Gentiles are a law unto themselves and conscience
25:25 – Jews restest in the law. What does that mean?
26:21 – Gentiles fulfilling the law
27:08 – No person is justified by law
28:15 – What law was before Moses and Mt Sinai?
29:10 – Adam and Even and law
29:42 – The awakening of conscience and it’s judgment
30:50 – People having “law” before Mt Sinai
32:14 – Sin is NOT imputed when there is NO law
34:40 – Are people saved because of a good heart?
35:27 – For conscience sake
38:38 – A reprobate conscience
39:02 – A seared conscience
40:36 – Summary

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