How To Pray With Authority | Vesta Mangun

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Hallelujah it works now standing in the
gap and I don’t have time to go into
that but you know a little bit of
something about standing in the gap
don’t you say God said if I just have
one who would stand in the gap I
wouldn’t do what I was going to do to
that individual that’s city or that
nation it’s a holy war for the souls of
men and women we’re wrestling in
heavenly places I don’t know what would
have an Alexander 49,000 people or
50,000 she can tell boarding us I don’t

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know what would happen that we’re not a
group of people there every day every
day prayer groups they’ve got their own
prayer groups they’re not there to
gossip if they are honey we’ll just blow
up their little party about your
spraying and fasting I’m telling you you
don’t want to gather together for that
they’re gathering together to help us
bind the forces of evil and snatch Souls
out of hell
they’re coming in off of the streets
what can I find this where is this
something calling me
something’s waking me up at night
presence jails wherever though they sit
on the front row delivered saved judges
come see them stir amazed stay we stay
proud what did it somebody stood in the
gap and said I’m not good
you’re not going to get to them till you
wipe me out now I’m going to stand in
the gap for my children my family my
loved ones my church my city and pray
that God will not say to this generation

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that he sought for somebody who would
stand in the gaps but say he found none
say it’s happening and it’s going to
happen in every city and say I’m going
to help make it happen
say I’m a part of this and I want us now
to stand and just clap our hands and
rejoin I want us to stand and praise the
Lord I want us to sin and say I’m going
to enter into this
we’re going to do it there we’re going
to do it say it’s happening Bible soup
that we’re going to do it we’re going to
do it then we’re going to do it
look out devil look out holler it again
Satan your kingdoms coming down
hallelujah state your kingdom coming
we’re pulling down every stronghold for
greeting together we’re binding and then
we’re loosing all that’s bound and
loosed in heaven I won’t ever bet on it
all the benefits of Calvary hallelujah
clap your hands one more time
praise God amen

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