How to Plead the Blood of Jesus

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How do you plead the blood of Jesus? What does that even mean? Have you ever heard someone calling on the blood of Jesus during prayer and didn’t know what they were doing or why they were doing it? Perhaps you’ve wondered what it means to plead the blood of Jesus over yourself, and if it’s something you should do.

I’ve got great news: I’m going to show you a revelation God gave me about pleading the blood of Jesus. What it means, and how it operates in the courts of heaven judicially. Follow me as we go on a quick and powerful study about the blood of Jesus, as I show you the power of this simple yet effective way to rid yourself of evil and demonic influence. This will help with God’s protection, judicial decrees, renewed authority, and rebuking the devil’s attack against you.

By the time we’re done with this lesson – you will have a greater understanding of the dynamic power of the blood of Jesus to open doors, cast down strongholds and petition Jesus as your mediator and high priest. You will experience the precious saving blood of Jesus in a new and a dynamic way!

Thank you and God bless!
Theo Heartsill