How To Get Your Prayers Answered – The Desires of your Heart – Theo 2019

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I want to show you a secret to getting your prayers answered and answered quickly.

In this short lesson, I will show that when Jesus said to speak to the mountain and to believe what you say will come to pass – he was actually saying to pay attention to the desires that come into your heart WHILE you’re praying!

And therein lies one of the most important keys to breakthrough you will ever discover on how to get your prayers answered and beginning to see breakthrough like you’ve never seen before!

Have you ever had someone “randomly” come into your mind or on your heart? And when you went ahead and prayed for them – you often discover that they needed prayer at that exact moment? Maybe it was about their health, finances, marriage, or children. The point is, God put them on your “heart” and when you obeyed in faith, your prayers had both the anointing of God and SANCTION of God!

If it feels like you haven’t been getting the answers to your prayers like you want, and you’ve been trying to believe and tell the mountain to be removed and thrown in the sea and nothing seems to be happening – Forget it! Go to God with an open heart and mind and see what the Spirit of God impresses upon you while you’re in prayer. Try it the way Jesus said to — PAY ATTENTION TO THE DESIRES IN YOUR HEART WHILE YOU PRAY (Mark 11:24)!

When you come into alignment with the Kingdom of God and pray for what he wants, he sanctions your prayers and then gives you the things you didn’t even ask for!

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and ALL these things shall be added unto you (Mat 6:33).

Follow me through this short video and I’ll explain.

God bless,
Theo Heartsill

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