How to Bind and Loose – Theo Heartsill 2019

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Have you felt frustrated with your prayer life and wondering why your prayers seem to go unanswered? Or perhaps your prayers seem to backfire and the situation gets WORSE instead of BETTER?

What if I told you that your prayers, specifically the ones about “binding and loosing” may actually be doing the exact opposite of what you intended, and the devil actually has you praying against God?

In this video, I intend to clear up a lot of confusion regarding the subject of “binding and loosing” and will answer questions like the following:

• What does it mean to biblically bind and loose?
• Is there a difference in binding and loosing Rabbinically, judicially, normally, and in application?
• Does “binding” mean to tie up, restrain and hinder, or does it mean to allow, permit and authorize?
• Does loosing mean to liberate, release, and set free, or does it mean to forbid, restrain, and deny?
• How do I properly pray binding and loosing prayers?
• How do I pray for someone with cancer, diabetes, or other terminal diseases?
• How I properly exercise my authority in binding and loosing?
• Can I use binding and loosing to operate in conjunction with the anointing of God?

I have been burdened by the condition of the church over the misunderstanding of this subject and knew I had to take action.

Stick with me through this video, and by the end, you’re going to have a much deep and fuller understanding of how to properly bind and loose, and how the devil may have been using your own prayers against you.

I want to you to have life and have it more abundantly! (John 10:10)

God bless,
See ya in the video!!
Theo Heartsill 2019

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