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“How Great is Our God” Pentecostal Puppets

Apostolic Junior Camp, June 2012
“How Great is Our God”
Directed by Jacqueline of Pentecostal Puppet

The group of young people that did this show had never done pupppets before. Due to many different last minute things that went wrong. They had to start practicing the night before around midnight. They were exhausted, practicing with no curtains, only half the actual signs, falling asleep cause they had been working so hard all week and everything that could go wrong did. This was the first time, they went through with the whole thing officially!!! They did a good job considering what they were against!!! Good job guys & gals I am quite proud of you!!!! ~Jac

PS: Forgive me when I started singing off tune, I was crying!!! This was the first time in all the years of directing that I got to actually sit back and not be involved!!! It was nice to be on the other side!!!