HOW DO I APPROACH THIS SITUATION? What do I do when problems come? – Theo Heartsill 2019

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I’ve made enough mistakes in my life to wish I could go back and do a lot of things over – but this time armed with the knowledge I have now! I would do a lot of things different and I’ve heard many other people say the same thing.

One thing I can say though, is that all of it has taught me an all-important lesson I’ve tried to implement into my own life, and in the life of my family. This has led to greater peace, fewer mistakes, and less stress.

In this video, I want to walk you through a situation where the disciples and Jesus both encounter a storm while trying to go to the other side.

They would ALL go INTO the storm, but while Jesus was walking ON the water and living IN victory, the disciples were sinking and about to die!

• While the disciples were in FEAR, Jesus was in FAITH!
• While the disciples were stressed-out, Jesus was at PEACE!
• What was about to kill the disciples, was underneath Jesus’ feet!

You may not realize in this story that God was trying to teach us, that although you’ve received a “word” from the Lord to go to the other side – there is something you absolutely MUST do before you do anything!

If you’ve said things like:
• “How did I get myself into this mess?”
• “I wish I hadn’t come here.”
• “I wish I had never met that person.”
• “I’ll never do that again.”

Then you’re going to blessed as I show you in this video, that there is SOMETHING you must do before ANY and EVERY situation, and that EACH and EVERY situation has a HARD way through it, and an EASY way through it!!

Stick with me in this video, and I’ll show you the key to your success is to PRAY FIRST – DO SECOND.

God bless,
Theo Heartsill 2019

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