Holy Ghost Service / Apostolic Pentecostal Preaching / Is the Holy Ghost For Everyone?

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Bro. Robinette came to our church tonight 7-24-18 and preached an anointed message about getting the Holy Ghost. He is a Missionary and walks in the gifts of the Spirit. He shared about all the people getting the Holy Ghost and we prayed for those in our service tonight who didn’t already have the Gift of the Holy Ghost. 8 People were filled tonight and One Baptized in Jesus Name!
If you have any questions about the Holy Ghost or speaking in Tongues or what this all means or if this is something you needs or should have please email us or comment or reach out. We would love to help you understand. The Spirit of God/God himself living inside of you is a Gift and ALL people everywhere can and Should experience this AMAZING walk with God.

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