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God: A Long Time Ago In a Galilean Far, Far Away

It was foretold in the writings of the Old Testament that God would one day manifest Himself as a man. This simple and beautiful promise was finally fulfilled in a man named Jesus very early in the first century A.D. Sadly, however, it was also foretold by the New Testament apostles that the true and full identity of Jesus Christ would be very soon attacked, altered and even denied by many (including some self-proclaimed Christians). Using Scripture as its primary source of data and a pleasant array of insightful anecdotes, this book skillfully shatters the modern, pre-fabricated and man-made ideas concerning Christ that have gradually infiltrated modern Christianity. It aptly presents the first, pure and original doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ that birthed the original New Testament church. It revitalizes the untainted truth that abundantly prevailed and flourished throughout the first century of Christianity. This book is an indispensable asset only for those who are passionate lovers of truth and for those who desire the purest revelation of the full and true identity of Jesus Christ. (© 2011, 2013, Revised 2016).