End Time Satanic Attacks on Families by Anthony Mangun

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Please support a Jesus Name baptising, one God Church today. It’s no secret that Satan aims his arrows at families. In the Garden of Eden, he disrupted the marriage of Adam and Eve. In the very next chapter of the Bible, his influence was so great that a brother killed a brother. From that time, our homes have been in his sights. Here’s why:

He aims in general to destroy what God has created. That’s just his nature. If God had granted him permission to do so, he would have killed Job.
He wants to destroy the witness of our marriage. Paul told us in Ephesians 5 that our marriages are a picture of the gospel. If the enemy destroys my marriage, I can no longer model the gospel by loving my wife Pam as Christ loves the church.
Satan hates our children. He delights when our adult decisions affect our children by turning them against God and the church. Sometimes we become the enemy’s tools to do that when we follow his ways more than God’s.
The enemy wants to take out the primary place of disciplemaking. The first place for making disciples is in the home, where parents are to disciple their children. When that home is messed up, the church’s disciplemaking work is only harder.
He wants to harm our witness. Satan loses us from his kingdom when we follow Christ, but he doesn’t back away; in fact, the battle only gets tougher. He can’t rip us from God’s kingdom, but he can dim our light for the gospel.
He strives to remove people from ministry. I know that church leaders debate what sins disqualify us, but that argument is beside the point here. The bottom line is that Satan wants to so destroy our homes that we have nothing left for ministry.
Satan wants to redirect the church away from evangelism. He will do whatever he can to keep us from taking the gospel to our non-believing neighbors and the nations – including so attacking our homes that our pastors spend all their time trying to put out family fires.
He always wants to hinder prayer. Peter warned us that unhealthy marriages block our prayer channel (1 Peter 3:7). Satan will always aim to rob us of power by weakening our prayers.
He delights in scars he can attack later in life. Our sinful choices often leave scars in our life and in the lives of our children. Satan doesn’t miss opportunities to rip them open when he wants to later in our life.
He wounds entire church families when a home falls apart. That’s part of what it means to be a church – we all hurt when one hurts. Great anguish sets in when a brother and sister in Christ choose to end their commitment made to God. Pray today for your family.