Does God Really Care about Our Hair? | Episode 24

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Does God really care about our hair? Apostolic Pentecostals historically have taught that women should not cut their hair, and that men should keep their hair cut short. This teaching is based on 1 Corinthians 11:2-16, where the apostle Paul provides instruction on proper conduct in the church.

Many modern Christians ignore Paul’s teaching on hair, considering it a cultural relic of a bygone era. In this episode, Dr. David K. Bernard reviews what the Bible says about hair and its role in gender distinction and explains why believers should take Paul’s words seriously if we want to faithfully follow the practice of the New Testament church and reflect God’s plan for humanity.

For more information on the topic of Christians and hair, see Dr. Bernard’s books “In Search of Holiness,” “Practical Holiness: A Second Look,” and “The Apostolic Church in the Twenty First Century.” All three titles are available at

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