“Available” by Shara McKee & The Pentecostals of Katy Choir

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Track #2 from the project “Power Filled with the Spirit” written by Shara McKee
Recorded November 2012, released February 2013
Lead sheets and sound tracks are available at www.thepok.com or email info@thepok.com
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Written By Shara McKee
Arranged and Produced by: Ambrose Torres Jr. & Shara McKee

(Verse 1)
Who am I that a king would know my name?
That you would know me, and use me just the same
I know I’m not perfect, but I’m willing, You’re the potter I’m the clay
Oh Lord, I’m available to You.

(Verse 2)
We see the signs; we know You’re coming soon
There is much to do but the laborers are few
I hear you calling, I will answer
Use me have your way
Oh Lord, I’m available to You.

Here I am, I am yours, I’m available to you
I want to hear your voice, do what you’ve called me to do
I surrender my all, I belong to you
Oh Lord, I’m available to you

(Verse 3)
Help me to see what’s in my future not my past
Knowing only what I do for Christ will last
I want to be filled up, to be poured out
Here I am, I’m ready now, Oh Lord, I am available to you

Here I am, here I am
Here I am, here I am

Soloist: Shara McKee
Piano: Ambrose Torres Jr.
Organ: Kelvin Broughton
Keyboards: Ambrose Torres Jr.
Bass: Andrew Sharp
Electric Guitar: Anthony Sharp
Drums: Ryan Landry
Alto Sax: Tony Sharp