5 Biblical Steps to Not Worry – Phil 4:6-8 – Theo Heartsill 2019

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Have you ever been so stressed-out and worried about a certain circumstance or situation that your stomach literally felt like it was tied up in knots?

Are you feeling anxious?

Are you looking in the fridge for your favorite “comfort” food or surfing the internet for a week-end trip hoping to get away from it all?

Perhaps the issue is the drama of a relationship.
A financial crisis or job situation.
Perhaps it’s a negative medical report with no hope in sight.

Maybe it’s a child who’s not living for God anymore or your own unanswered prayers.
Maybe you just don’t know what to do with the situation you’re facing.

I want to look at a 5-step plan the Apostle Paul gave to the church he established at Philippi in Macedonia, to show you how he directed them to live a life of less stress, less worry, and less anxiety.

What is amazing, is that while Paul wrote this letter, he is rotting away himself in a Roman prison with his execution looming over at any moment.
What does Paul think about it all?
What would he want to tell us?

Do you want to see what the Apostle Paul told they church to do, while he himself was facing and dealing with the fact that his own life was about to end?

This Philippian letter would be one of the last letters he would ever leave for the New Testament church to read and teach.

So let’s dive into the passage and see what the Apostle Paul told them about how to deal with anxiety, worry, stress and your outlook on life!

God bless you – I’ll see you in the video.
Theo Heartsill – 2019

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