4 Places Satan Attacks You – Theo Heartsill 2019

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In this video, I would like to show you the main 4 areas of demonic attack, challenge and warfare.

Using the life of Job as an example, we can see and identify that every person will have to answer 4 major challenges in life.

The key to identifying what these are is simply to observe what Job went through, how the devil provoked him and attacked him, how Job responded, and how God ultimately finished the story with restoration, turn-around, and double-for-his-trouble!!

Stick with me in this video, and I’ll show you not only how to identify the 4 areas of demonic challenge and attack – but I’ll also show you how to cover yourself in prayer and walk through those seasons and come out of them stronger and more powerful than you’ve ever been!!

Are you ready to make the devil wish he’d never messed with you? Get ready for breakthrough!!

Turn it around and magnify God through the storm and watch God turn this situation for good!!

Cya in the video,
God bless!
Theo Heartsill 2019.