2018 UPCI General Conference, Louisville, KY — Wayne Huntley

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Near the end of the message Min. Wayne Huntley preached on the afternoon of Thursday, September 27th, 2018 during the United Pentecostal Church International General Conference hosted in Louisville, Kentucky, he Wayne Huntley called up to the podium all the parents, grandparents, & guardians who had experienced or are experiencing the surrender of their young sons & their young daughters to Christ Jesus the Almighty for training at His Bible colleges for work in His fields of souls or for the work that some youth are already embarked upon for Him as missionaries, church planters, evangelists, pastors, prophets & prophetesses, teachers, musicians, et al. He had prior to this talked about how his own mother had sat at the dining table across from him as a young teenager who was about to go to Bible college & how tears streamed down her face each time as she pondered upon the fact that he was not going to be eating with her at the table in their home once he actually left.
After this touching testimony was when Bro. Huntley called up these folks who are experiencing the same mixture of emotions his mother had felt as they too were embarking upon surrendering their children to the Lord Almighty. Powerful prayers were prayed for them & it was a wonderful sight to behold & as a parent, a father myself, I could & can relate!
Later I will endeavor to here add some transcribed excerpts of Bro. Huntley’s message.
But, to my viewership, some of who were likely looking for video of happenings at the UPCI General Conference & me with that thought in mind preparing from now this upload, be blessed!

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